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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What are you doing in 3 days?

We will be scrapping at Scrappin' U!! Will you be joining us?

We've got a great group attending and would LOVE to have you. We have just a few spots left and registration will close Thursday in order to get seating arrangements made. Register online at K.I.S.S. Crop-n-Shop. It's only $12.00 for an entire day of cropping!!

If you are attending Scrap U please check your email. You should have gotten an email with all the important details that you need to know. If not, please email me at We have a thread going on the message boards at K.I.S.S. Crop-n-Shop Message Boards about the potluck dinner. You MUST Register and LOG IN to view the thread. It is located under K.I.S.S. Events, then Scrappin' U. We need all that are attending to check in on the thread before Saturday. Even if you don't plan to participate in the potluck please check in and let us know so that we may get an accurate count for dinner.

Looking forward to Saturday! I'm so excited, I get to scrap and visit with friends. What could be better than that??

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Project 365 - Week 8

2/15/09 - Sunday

Dinner at the in-laws and today Greg made his yummy potato soup! Let me tell you, it's delicious!! I'm so thankful I have a hubby that not only cooks but cooks REALLY good!

2/16/09- Monday

We made goodie bags for all her friends at school in honor of her birthday. Love the fact that her birthday is just after Valentine's Day and she loves pink. You can bet I take advantage of that while I can.

2/17/09 - Tuesday

She's 7 today!! We took doughnuts and milk to school. She got her birthday hat and birthday "spankings". When asked what the best part of the day was... her answer, "I got called on more today than ever. I usually get called on 4 times a day and my hands always up mommy. Today I got called on LOTS!" Happy Birthday Emma! Love you!

2/18/09 - Wednesday

I won!! I really won!! Okay so it's not the lottery but I never win anything. I was sent a link to a blog that was giving away Tim McGraw's new book, My Little Girl and so I entered and I WON!! The book is an awesome story about the relationship between father/daughters. Emma took the cover off and gave it to me cause "it has Tim's picture on it mommy". What a good girl!!

2/19/09 - Thursday

Isn't this cake incredible? Ordered it from Debbie by phone. (I have her info if you are interested, she's from Diamond) Told her the theme and colors and sent her a picture of the napkins. This is what we get when we meet her Thursday night. Too cute for words and it was WONDERFUL!!

2/20/09 - Friday

It's time to Disco and Disco they did!! We filled the room with 21 little girls and 3 boys, a disco ball, music and tons of fun!! It's hard to put into words how much I love watching her dance, interact with her friends, smile and laugh!! After the party Emma and I decided that one of our favorite parts of the night was dancing around before everyone got there. Great memories!!

2/21/09 - Saturday

She's set for at least a year and then some!! Can you tell she's clothes, pink hat, High School musical, Hannah Montana, stuffed animals, movies, crafty things...all things girly!! She didn't get one thing duplicated and she loved everything. Her favorite, her new MP3 player from Aunt Julie and family. She loves rockin' out with that thing. Why do they have to grow up? WHY???

Monday, February 23, 2009

Spring is nearing....

and it's almost time for Spring Fling!

Check out this short slide show of last years Spring Fling Event. Wish I could find the rest of my pictures! If you have some you'd like to share please email them to We have tons of fun at Spring Fling and hope you'll join us!

Registration Now OPEN!! Click here to register: K.I.S.S. Crop-n-Shop

Why should you attend Spring Fling?

  • Everyone wins a Door Prize! Guaranteed!! We give away $100’s of dollars at each event in the hottest scrapbook goodies on the market.
  • Contests, Games and more! All optional, all fun!!
  • Drop-n-Swap Table
  • On-Site shopping with the K.I.S.S. Store
  • Great lighting, comfy seats and great atmosphere
  • Assigned seating so you can sit with friends!
  • Great pricing! Great friends! Great times!
  • Fun themes
  • Famous Paper Train - we can’t tell you what this is, you have to be there to find out!! This is one train you don’t want to miss!
  • Unlimited tea, lemonade, coffee and water

Date: March 20th and 21st, 2009

Time: 5:00pm to midnight - Friday, March 20th

10:00am to 10:00pm - Saturday, March 21st

Location: First Christian Church Community Building, 4th and Pearl Joplin

Price: $30.00 per person - Friday and Saturday

$10.00 per person - Friday Only

$20.00 per person - Saturday Only

Meals: $5.00 per person - Friday Meal- Baked Potato Bar with all the fixins, salad, dessert and choice of drink

$5.00 per person - Saturday Meal- Homemade Lasagna, salad, dessert and choice of drink

*Please note we’ve lowered your cropping fees and given you a choice of purchasing a meal or going out for your meals based on feedback from past events.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Looking for cute birthday party ideas?

You've got to check out this blog, No Fuss Fabulous

Some fantastic ideas for an awesome Pixie Party. I can't imagine any little girl not loving this!

We are doing a Disco party on Friday for Emma. I'll share all our ideas, from invitations to decorations to how the party turned out soon!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New kits are in the store!!

Seeing Starts Page Kit


Sweet Memories Page Kit


Limited edition so be sure to check them out at K.I.S.S. Crop-n-Shop.

While there be sure to take a peek at the Fancy Pants Rub-ons.
They are on clearance and won't last long!!

FREE Shipping on all orders over $50.00.
Flat rate shipping of only $4.99 for all other orders!

What are you doing on February 28th?

We will be scrapping...what will you be doing?

Scrappin' U is a full day of fun, fellowship and creating!! For ONLY $12.00 you can join us for an entire day of scrapping. We're meeting at a new location this year so we have LOTS of room and a huge kitchen facility. We'll do potluck for dinner with an Italian theme and of course the K.I.S.S. on-site store will be available for your shopping needs. We have so much fun and we'd really love to have you join us!! Check out registration details at K.I.S.S. Crop-n-Shop

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Project 365 - Week 7

2/8/09 - Sunday
(need to scan kits)

Had class with my Granby group today after church. We've been meeting for at least 3 years one Sunday a month. While the group has seen some faces come and go the core group has remained the same. We have a great time scrapping, laughing, chatting and sharing. It's a highlight of my month. They have all become very close friends!

2/9/09- Monday

Monday started normal, took the kids to school, went to bank, came home, checked email and THEN I got a phone call. A mom from my daughters grade school. She was there and they were moving the kids from the classrooms to the gym under a bomb threat. Okay, okay! I know these are usually pranks but for that one moment your heart stops! Mom and I jumped in the truck to go to the school. We ended up with 8 kiddos coming back home with us. The school was given an all clear about 11:30 and the kids got a day off again! (not sure what's up with the picture. I took it on my camera phone and it's fine until I transfer it! UGH!)

2/10/09 - Tuesday

Spent almost 3 hours at the doctors office with BOTH kids today! Not fun!! We thought they had strep throat. Both were complaining of terrible soar throats and Emma had a stiff neck. They tested negative and were given some prescriptions for what he thought might be the onset of the Flu! NO!!! It can't be!!! (they don't look sick do they? I think being in that little bitty room for over an hour was getting too all of us and we were getting a little slap happy!!)

2/11/09 - Wednesday

This is Emma's room. The papers are taped to her sloping ceiling and are some of her masterpieces of the week. I tried to tell her they wouldn't stay but she insisted. I went upstairs a few hours after putting her to bed and found her at the foot of her bed with masterpieces all around her feet! It was sooo funny!!! (Can you tell what her favorite color is???)

2/12/09 -Thursday

Today we had the Valentine's Day party at school. We had ice cream sundaes, brownies and of course tons of candy. When we got home Ryli and Emma decided it was warm out (61 degrees) so they put on their swimsuits, grabbed a towel and headed outside to sunbathe on the trampoline. Mom happens to look out the window and they have the water hose turned on and are having a ball!! After a few quick pictures the water was turned off and they were reminded it is still WINTER!!

2/13/09- Friday

We got our Valentine's gifts from dad tonight. This is the one and only holiday that he takes charge of. He started it several years ago and it's since become a tradition. Emma and I get new pj's and Tyler gets some new fishing tackle. It's not much, it's not about the gift, it's the tradition!!

2/14/09- Saturday

Happy Valentine's Day!! We had a great day. Emma's friend Morgan came over to stay for the first time. Imagine the delight when they got home and went to change clothes and found they had matching pajamas! The pj's daddy bought Emma for Valentine's were the same pj's Morgan brought with her. The squeals were delightful!!

She's 7 today!

Oh my gosh! Where did time go? Emma is 7 today and let me tell ya it's a BIG, MAJOR day for her!! She's been waiting for this day for a very long time. I've been trying to talk her into skipping it and staying 6 but she won't have anything to do with it!! She's ready to be seven!

Honestly though, where did time go?

I remember...the day I found out I was expecting a little girl. Stunned, scared, excited, nervous, thankful, grateful, blessed, so many emotions.

I remember... the day I went into labor. I took a nap, woke up and told Greg we better get to the hospital. Just a few short hours later we had this stunning little creature in our arms. Boy was life about to change!!

I remember... the night I was nursing her and she quit breathing. I know that my heart stopped at that moment and I went into auto pilot. After a hospital stay we came home hooked to an apnea monitor, hearts beating and scared out of our minds, afraid to sleep, listening for the beeping of the machine, feeling for her chest to rise and fall, rushing to the hospital several more times, cautious, very thankful that we still had her.

I remember... the first time she took steps. We were at Nanny's house and I sat on one side of the room, Daddy on the other and she just started walking. She looked like a pro, like she had been doing it for years! Nanny clapping the entire time.

I remember... her being so different from Tyler in many ways....calm, quiet, nursing, not a great
sleeper, would smile for anyone, looked so darn cute in those girly outfits and bows!

I remember... watching her and daddy dancing together as she wrapped him around her little finger!

I remember... seeing the bond between her and Ryli grow into the most amazing friendship.

I remember... the first day of school. I thought I would cry like I did with Tyler but she was so brave, so big, so excited!

I remember...her sleeping in her Nanny's arms the night before she passed away. I remember how unaware, unafraid, how comfortable she was being there with her Nanny. Not scared of the machines, not aware of all the others in the room, not noticing the coughs from Nanny, not wanting anything but to cuddle with her Nanny. She just crawled right up there, over the machines, over the cords.... snuggled in Nanny's arms like she had done so many other times and fell asleep.

I remember how tough she is...stitches in her lip at 3, double root canals at 5, broken arm at 6, 6 teeth pulled at 6. Crazy tough, highest pain tolerance I've ever seen!! " Tougher than any boy", yet very girly girl!!

I remember how blessed I am to have this little girl. She's amazing, she's mine, she's Emma and she's 7!!!

Happy Birthday Emma Grace!! Love you!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Project 365 - Week 6

2/1/09 - Sunday
(need to get picture of Emma and Uncle Bryce)

Every Sunday we have dinner at Greg's parents. We each bring a dish, eat and often end up playing the Wii except during football season. Emma's so glad football is over, she loves to give Uncle Bryce a hard time and try to beat him in bowling!

2/2/09- Monday

I can't believe my little girl is playing the piano! It's truly amazing how fast she has picked it up. Her teacher seems pleased and said she had a natural talent for it. Tyler's teacher said the same thing about him when he played the trumpet. So glad we are doing the lessons, it's worth every penny to hear her play!

2/3/09- Tuesday

McDonald's, our normal Tuesday routine. We have dance class on Tuesday so Emma and I usually go through McDonald's for dinner. She gets reading certificates for a free Happy Meal and I like the $1 McChicken so for less than $3.00 we have dinner out and some quiet time with just us girls.

2/4/09 - Wednesday

This is what my mom does all day! Make mess after mess!! She's been cutting MOSD Intricacies for the last few days and they make such a mess. It's a good thing she cleans up before she leaves!

2/5/09- Thursday

My poor sweet girl!! She had to have three more teeth pulled today. She's so brave. Not a whimper, not a whine, not a complaint! She sat there like such a big girl. I think having Dr. Menke as her dentist helps. He's really great with kids. We keep teasing Emma that we are gonna have her mouth insured! We've spent so much money on that kids mouth already at 6 and we know that's only the beginning. UGH!!

2/6/09- Friday

Worked on class kits for a new group all week. I love designing pages and love teaching so adding another home class to the calendar is exciting since it combines both designing and teaching!! I finished 6 new kits in the past few days and packed over 100 kits with the help of mom.

2/7/09 - Saturday

This is what I found on my board when I got home from class. It's a message from Emma about her birthday wishes. It reads "This is what I want for my birthday. Kids bop 15, amrcn girl doll close (american girl doll clothes), lunch box, a alrma clock (alarm clock), stuf anmals (stuffed animals), high school musicol (high school musical). Too cute!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Project 365 - Week 5

1/25/09 - Sunday

Love this pile! It's full of all the new scrapbooking goodies on the market. CHA is great for getting to see the products up close then gathering catalogs to drool...I mean order from later. This is only a small portion of the stack of catalogs we collected today and this only the first day!!

1/26/09 - Monday

I'm so excited for Ali and Christy, owners of Midnight Oil Scrapbook Designs or MOSD. While not new to the industry, MOSD creates some crazy fun products, they are vending at CHA for the first time.I tell you it takes a lot of drive, passion and plain old guts to vend at a show of this magnitude. I'm so proud and excited for them!! MOSD ROCKS!!!

1/27/09 - Tuesday

All I can say is this little creature caused three grown ladies laugh till they had tears in their eyes, their sides hurt and I believe there were even some snorts!! Thanks for a great trip Wendy and Melissa! Had a blast!

1/28/09 - Wednesday

I flew in Tuesday night in the middle of an ice storm. Not a fun landing, I'm not fond of sliding on the runway. I decided to stay over at the airport hotel rather than try to drive home on ice at 11:00pm! I didn't have any problems driving home until I get to Shelli's to pick up Emma. I get stuck in her driveway and had to call Greg for help! I am so thankful that I got that close to home before trouble struck.

1/29/09 - Thursday

Schools Closed AGAIN! They haven't gone all week due to ice and probably won't until Monday! Love them, love them going to school!!! They fight, they thumb wrestle, they argue, they are home, they are mine!

1/30/09 - Friday

I hate paperwork! I hate taxes! I will get taxes done!! I will not let them beat me! I will get taxes done!!

1/31/09 - Saturday

Poor Emma! The only way she can get her dad to go to the movies with her is to have three teeth pulled out! Greg does not like going to the movies. I don't think he's been to a movie in the 6 years we've had Emma so for him to promise her that we would go if she was brave at the dentist was huge! We had a great time but he has no plans to go again soon!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Project 365 - Week 4

Yes, I'm a little behind in posting my Project 365 pictures but I've been doing really good at taking the pictures!! I'm so proud of myself, 5 or so weeks into it and I'm still going strong (okay, okay so a little slow posting!!)

1/18/09 - Sunday

This is what you get when a 6 year old has the camera and you put a bunch of cousins in front of it!!

1/19/09 - Monday

Talon stayed all night with us last night. We are so happy to have Talon close to us again. She's got such a sweet spirit and strong will. She and Emma have a great bond and are so silly together. I wonder if this is what Stacey and I were like when we were younger?

1/20/09 - Tuesday

Emma's new smile. Due to overcrowding issues she had to have three baby teeth pulled today. She's such a trooper! She sat there without crying or fussing, letting them give her shots for numbing and then pulling her teeth. I had to leave the room when they started twisting on her teeth and she just sat there! She's much stronger than I am!!

1/21/09 - Wednesday
(need to get photo for this day)

One of the highlights of my week is Wednesday! I get to go to my daughters class and read with her classmates. It's amazing to see the difference in reading from the start of school to the present. I LOVE watching their passions for reading grow as it becomes easier for them.

1/22/09- Thursday

Only a few days until I leave for CHA. I love to travel, love to attend and teach at conventions, love to spend time with fellow scrappers....Not fond of leaving my family. You'd think it would get easier each time but it doesn't. I get knots in my stomach, I start cleaning like a mad lady and get really anxious and probably a little cranky. I worry, I miss them, I wish I weren't leaving, I love them so much!

1/23/09 - Friday

Packing the essentials! My books! I love to read and about the only time I get to read is on my trips. I usually read a book on the flight out, one in the hotel in the evenings and one on the return flight. I'm a very fast reader and love a good book. Now to pick....Mary Higgins Clark, James Patterson or should I try someone new??

1/24/09 - Saturday

Wendy and I made it, we are in California! We were told we could take a shuttle from the airport to the hotel. We get there, look for the shuttles. There are a ton of them but which one takes us to our hotel? We call the hotel and ask where their shuttle is. We are told they have no shuttle then click of the phone. What choice do we have, a taxi. Oh my gosh!! Who taught this man to drive???? Not only did he drive like a maniac, the trip cost $109!! YIKES!! We get to the hotel only to find out that they DO have a shuttle that would have cost us $32.00. (stop laughing those of you 1. know what you are doing and wouldn't have made this mistake or 2. those that have done the same darn thing!) We made it, did I mention that?