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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Project 365 - Week 7

2/8/09 - Sunday
(need to scan kits)

Had class with my Granby group today after church. We've been meeting for at least 3 years one Sunday a month. While the group has seen some faces come and go the core group has remained the same. We have a great time scrapping, laughing, chatting and sharing. It's a highlight of my month. They have all become very close friends!

2/9/09- Monday

Monday started normal, took the kids to school, went to bank, came home, checked email and THEN I got a phone call. A mom from my daughters grade school. She was there and they were moving the kids from the classrooms to the gym under a bomb threat. Okay, okay! I know these are usually pranks but for that one moment your heart stops! Mom and I jumped in the truck to go to the school. We ended up with 8 kiddos coming back home with us. The school was given an all clear about 11:30 and the kids got a day off again! (not sure what's up with the picture. I took it on my camera phone and it's fine until I transfer it! UGH!)

2/10/09 - Tuesday

Spent almost 3 hours at the doctors office with BOTH kids today! Not fun!! We thought they had strep throat. Both were complaining of terrible soar throats and Emma had a stiff neck. They tested negative and were given some prescriptions for what he thought might be the onset of the Flu! NO!!! It can't be!!! (they don't look sick do they? I think being in that little bitty room for over an hour was getting too all of us and we were getting a little slap happy!!)

2/11/09 - Wednesday

This is Emma's room. The papers are taped to her sloping ceiling and are some of her masterpieces of the week. I tried to tell her they wouldn't stay but she insisted. I went upstairs a few hours after putting her to bed and found her at the foot of her bed with masterpieces all around her feet! It was sooo funny!!! (Can you tell what her favorite color is???)

2/12/09 -Thursday

Today we had the Valentine's Day party at school. We had ice cream sundaes, brownies and of course tons of candy. When we got home Ryli and Emma decided it was warm out (61 degrees) so they put on their swimsuits, grabbed a towel and headed outside to sunbathe on the trampoline. Mom happens to look out the window and they have the water hose turned on and are having a ball!! After a few quick pictures the water was turned off and they were reminded it is still WINTER!!

2/13/09- Friday

We got our Valentine's gifts from dad tonight. This is the one and only holiday that he takes charge of. He started it several years ago and it's since become a tradition. Emma and I get new pj's and Tyler gets some new fishing tackle. It's not much, it's not about the gift, it's the tradition!!

2/14/09- Saturday

Happy Valentine's Day!! We had a great day. Emma's friend Morgan came over to stay for the first time. Imagine the delight when they got home and went to change clothes and found they had matching pajamas! The pj's daddy bought Emma for Valentine's were the same pj's Morgan brought with her. The squeals were delightful!!

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