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Monday, February 16, 2009

Project 365 - Week 6

2/1/09 - Sunday
(need to get picture of Emma and Uncle Bryce)

Every Sunday we have dinner at Greg's parents. We each bring a dish, eat and often end up playing the Wii except during football season. Emma's so glad football is over, she loves to give Uncle Bryce a hard time and try to beat him in bowling!

2/2/09- Monday

I can't believe my little girl is playing the piano! It's truly amazing how fast she has picked it up. Her teacher seems pleased and said she had a natural talent for it. Tyler's teacher said the same thing about him when he played the trumpet. So glad we are doing the lessons, it's worth every penny to hear her play!

2/3/09- Tuesday

McDonald's, our normal Tuesday routine. We have dance class on Tuesday so Emma and I usually go through McDonald's for dinner. She gets reading certificates for a free Happy Meal and I like the $1 McChicken so for less than $3.00 we have dinner out and some quiet time with just us girls.

2/4/09 - Wednesday

This is what my mom does all day! Make mess after mess!! She's been cutting MOSD Intricacies for the last few days and they make such a mess. It's a good thing she cleans up before she leaves!

2/5/09- Thursday

My poor sweet girl!! She had to have three more teeth pulled today. She's so brave. Not a whimper, not a whine, not a complaint! She sat there like such a big girl. I think having Dr. Menke as her dentist helps. He's really great with kids. We keep teasing Emma that we are gonna have her mouth insured! We've spent so much money on that kids mouth already at 6 and we know that's only the beginning. UGH!!

2/6/09- Friday

Worked on class kits for a new group all week. I love designing pages and love teaching so adding another home class to the calendar is exciting since it combines both designing and teaching!! I finished 6 new kits in the past few days and packed over 100 kits with the help of mom.

2/7/09 - Saturday

This is what I found on my board when I got home from class. It's a message from Emma about her birthday wishes. It reads "This is what I want for my birthday. Kids bop 15, amrcn girl doll close (american girl doll clothes), lunch box, a alrma clock (alarm clock), stuf anmals (stuffed animals), high school musicol (high school musical). Too cute!!

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