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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Project 365 - Week 4

Yes, I'm a little behind in posting my Project 365 pictures but I've been doing really good at taking the pictures!! I'm so proud of myself, 5 or so weeks into it and I'm still going strong (okay, okay so a little slow posting!!)

1/18/09 - Sunday

This is what you get when a 6 year old has the camera and you put a bunch of cousins in front of it!!

1/19/09 - Monday

Talon stayed all night with us last night. We are so happy to have Talon close to us again. She's got such a sweet spirit and strong will. She and Emma have a great bond and are so silly together. I wonder if this is what Stacey and I were like when we were younger?

1/20/09 - Tuesday

Emma's new smile. Due to overcrowding issues she had to have three baby teeth pulled today. She's such a trooper! She sat there without crying or fussing, letting them give her shots for numbing and then pulling her teeth. I had to leave the room when they started twisting on her teeth and she just sat there! She's much stronger than I am!!

1/21/09 - Wednesday
(need to get photo for this day)

One of the highlights of my week is Wednesday! I get to go to my daughters class and read with her classmates. It's amazing to see the difference in reading from the start of school to the present. I LOVE watching their passions for reading grow as it becomes easier for them.

1/22/09- Thursday

Only a few days until I leave for CHA. I love to travel, love to attend and teach at conventions, love to spend time with fellow scrappers....Not fond of leaving my family. You'd think it would get easier each time but it doesn't. I get knots in my stomach, I start cleaning like a mad lady and get really anxious and probably a little cranky. I worry, I miss them, I wish I weren't leaving, I love them so much!

1/23/09 - Friday

Packing the essentials! My books! I love to read and about the only time I get to read is on my trips. I usually read a book on the flight out, one in the hotel in the evenings and one on the return flight. I'm a very fast reader and love a good book. Now to pick....Mary Higgins Clark, James Patterson or should I try someone new??

1/24/09 - Saturday

Wendy and I made it, we are in California! We were told we could take a shuttle from the airport to the hotel. We get there, look for the shuttles. There are a ton of them but which one takes us to our hotel? We call the hotel and ask where their shuttle is. We are told they have no shuttle then click of the phone. What choice do we have, a taxi. Oh my gosh!! Who taught this man to drive???? Not only did he drive like a maniac, the trip cost $109!! YIKES!! We get to the hotel only to find out that they DO have a shuttle that would have cost us $32.00. (stop laughing those of you 1. know what you are doing and wouldn't have made this mistake or 2. those that have done the same darn thing!) We made it, did I mention that?

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