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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Project 365 - Week 8

2/15/09 - Sunday

Dinner at the in-laws and today Greg made his yummy potato soup! Let me tell you, it's delicious!! I'm so thankful I have a hubby that not only cooks but cooks REALLY good!

2/16/09- Monday

We made goodie bags for all her friends at school in honor of her birthday. Love the fact that her birthday is just after Valentine's Day and she loves pink. You can bet I take advantage of that while I can.

2/17/09 - Tuesday

She's 7 today!! We took doughnuts and milk to school. She got her birthday hat and birthday "spankings". When asked what the best part of the day was... her answer, "I got called on more today than ever. I usually get called on 4 times a day and my hands always up mommy. Today I got called on LOTS!" Happy Birthday Emma! Love you!

2/18/09 - Wednesday

I won!! I really won!! Okay so it's not the lottery but I never win anything. I was sent a link to a blog that was giving away Tim McGraw's new book, My Little Girl and so I entered and I WON!! The book is an awesome story about the relationship between father/daughters. Emma took the cover off and gave it to me cause "it has Tim's picture on it mommy". What a good girl!!

2/19/09 - Thursday

Isn't this cake incredible? Ordered it from Debbie by phone. (I have her info if you are interested, she's from Diamond) Told her the theme and colors and sent her a picture of the napkins. This is what we get when we meet her Thursday night. Too cute for words and it was WONDERFUL!!

2/20/09 - Friday

It's time to Disco and Disco they did!! We filled the room with 21 little girls and 3 boys, a disco ball, music and tons of fun!! It's hard to put into words how much I love watching her dance, interact with her friends, smile and laugh!! After the party Emma and I decided that one of our favorite parts of the night was dancing around before everyone got there. Great memories!!

2/21/09 - Saturday

She's set for at least a year and then some!! Can you tell she's clothes, pink hat, High School musical, Hannah Montana, stuffed animals, movies, crafty things...all things girly!! She didn't get one thing duplicated and she loved everything. Her favorite, her new MP3 player from Aunt Julie and family. She loves rockin' out with that thing. Why do they have to grow up? WHY???

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