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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Kansas City Bus Trip

Here's a shout out to all those crazy, shopping girls that joined me on the bus trip to 6 of the greatest stores in Kansas City. We had a great time! I had NO idea these ladies could shop that much or for that long!! We left Joplin at 7:00am and we didn't return until 1:30am!! Is that right girls? I know it was LATE!!! (Yes, that's a wee bit off the scheduled time of return, they just wouldn't quit shopping!!) We had many, many laughs during the day and there was some major shopping happening!!!

Special thanks to all of the stores:

Creating Something Special - Kimberly and gang, you girls rock!! We loved your selection of papers and I found some I've never seen before anywhere! Your make-n-take was one of the favorites!! Of course the doughnuts and juice were great too!
Scrapbook Workshop - I think there were several with new purses thanks to your store!! Thanks for the warm welcome, once we found ya we really enjoyed your store.
Captured Memories - Oh my, can you say HUGE!! This place is gigantic and the staff was great. Loved the selection of product! The album that was given to all our bus riders was a huge hit and very much appreciated! Loved the cookies, those were awesome and the cold soda's, how thoughtful!! Thanks for having us!! I just have to say - the fly fishing section for guys is too cool! My son was delighted with the items I purchased there!!
Archiver's - Thanks for having us again, we all felt like Diva's when we left with all that glitter from the make-n-take. Enjoyed shopping your great selection and thank goodness this time we didn't crash your registers!!
2 Scrappy Sisters - What a welcome!! The fun get-to-know-ya games were awesome!! We loved your spirit, felt like we were at home! Great kits, fantastic make-n-take and awesome staff!! Thanks so much!! Loved your store!! Thanks for having us with such short notice!! :-)
Scrapbook Page - Oh my goodness, the FOOD was incredible!! You really had no idea how hungry we were did you? They laid out the best food spread I've seen.... amazing and wonderful!! To top it off the food was just the beginning. The make-n-take was too cute, the product selection off the charts, the staff was so warm and welcoming even with us being almost 2 1/2 hours late!! The welcome card and discount made just for the K.I.S.S. Bus group was over the top!!! Thank you!!

On the trip home, those that were able to stay awake played the K.I.S.S. Bucks auction, it was fun but much more low key than past trips perhaps becuase they had shopped for almost 16 hours!!

Thanks for the fun day ladies, can't wait 'till the next one in August!! Wanna join us for the next bus trip? Go to and check out the details for the August bus trip to Tulsa and the Creating Keepsakes show!!
Loving life,

The time has arrived....I'm blogging!!

I've been meaning to start a blog for some time. I think my hold up was this..... the introduction, that first post!! What are you suppose to say in the first post? That's some pressure now!! What if I don't say enough, too much, not important, blah, blah, blah!!

Well, I finally decided that it's time to quit being a chicken!! Post that first one and the rest will be easy. Guess what? It's not been too bad yet!!

Now seriously, I wanted to start a blog for a couple of reasons:

Number one: I have such great stories to tell from all the scrapbooking adventures I'm involved in and there really is no good way to add all of that stuff on my website, well at least I don't know how. I wanted a way to share photos and stories from our crops, bus trips and vending adventures with you. I wanted you all to be able to share your experiences with me as well.

Number two: I want to be able to interact with my fellow scrapbookers more. I'm in hopes we can share, learn, laugh, cry and more on this blog. I'm planning to share projects I'm working on, upcomming event details, show and teaching schedules, new kits that are being developed and even new products that I'm loving at the moment. I'm sure there will be stories from this crazy family I live with, they are just too crazy not to share with you and I hope that you'll share yours too.

Number three: The most important to me! I'm hoping this blog will inspire me and you to capture a memory, a moment, a story more often. I work in the scrapbook world which means I often times don't get to scrapbook for myself. If I can inspire you all with ways to capture memories then perhaps, just perhaps I can inspire myself to0!! If not, at least I'll have tried it!! Right?

Well, that's it!! I've finished my first post!

Loving life,