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Friday, November 6, 2009

Oh my gosh...

I'm not sure I want to count how many days are left, they are going by sooooo fast!! I have so many things I want to do for you girls, sure hope we get it all done. Sorry I missed last night, we were busy watching Emma dance for the Ronald McDonald House and got to enjoy some family time after so I kinda took a night off from all things cropping! I'll make it up to you tonight by introducing Bettie Luper. I've been trying for a couple of years to get her up to one of our crops and am so happy to say she's going to be here this year!! Not only be here but teaching two awesome card classes, Bettie's Cards on both Friday and Saturday.

Let's meet Bettie:

1. Tell us a little about yourself. I am a retired schoolteacher from Fayetteville, Arkansas. I have three adult children who are all married and each child has a son and daughter. My daughter and her sweet hubby are expecting their third child in March. My oldest son and his wife are engineers in Houston, and my second son is a Major with the 82nd Airborne serving in Afghanistan while his family stays at their permanent duty station in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

2. Tell us a little about your business. I started working in scrapbooking after I retired from teaching. I work part time at Signed Sealed Delivered in Rogers, Arkansas and teach their card classes and monthly Basic Grey class. The thing I like best about my classes is that we all laugh a lot, learn a lot, and leave with cards ready to send or a beautiful layout done in that special Basic Grey style.

3. What three things can you NOT scrap without? I can’t scrap without repositionable adhesive, distress ink, or a rotary style cutter. When I design for classes I change my mind so many times before I get each card just right for presentation to the public. I use distress ink because some cards simply look naked without a little ink. I need a rotary style cutter because they are studier for all the cutting I do when making kits each month.

4. Where do you draw inspiration from? I look for inspiration everywhere-fashion, home d├ęcor, billboards, advertisements, magazines. I’m always looking for the next card design.

5. If you weren’t a scrapbook business owner what would you be? I would make scrapbook and quilts as a hobby. Working in the scrapbooking business, I never have enough time to work on projects for myself. I have a room filled with projects patiently waiting for me to retire the second time.

6. What three things do you usually have/do when scrapping that aren’t scrap related?
When I scrap at home I watch old movies, and late, late night news shows. At crops I love to look at everyone’s work and visit with all the croppers.

7. Complete the sentence… I am addicted to: Caffeine I find it hard to function without my Coca Cola for breakfast.

8. My most embarrassing moment was: I was leading a game at a large crop when I stumbled and almost fell flat on my face while every eye in the room was looking directly at me and giving a collected gasp.

9. My favorite scrapbook moment was: When the Washburn’s owned Signed Sealed Delivered, the store won an award at the Dallas Market. They took the employees on a road trip to the awards ceremony. The event was complete with formal attire, red carpet, fabulous hotel and photo ops. We felt like movie stars for the day.

10. I am most proud of: My children: they work hard, love God, their families and even each other.

Feel free to ask Bettie any questions you might have about her cards, classes or well....anything!! :-)


Diana Martin said...

I am so afraid that I will repeat your embarassing moment. I have been so clumsy lately. I cannot wait to see the cards you produce!

Carri said...

So looking forward to seeing everyones stuff. Can't wait.

momofmn said...

Nice to meet ya! I love my diet coke for breakfast too!!!

Anonymous said...

Wish we were there already. I love cardmaking, can't wait to see yours. I have trouble coming up with my own ideas, need to do a little scraplifting..

Debie said...

I am counting the days til we leave, umm lets is 5....I love cardmaking, I cant wait to see your designs.

Anonymous said...

Another cardmaker here looking forward to seeing some new designs.

Irene R.