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Saturday, November 7, 2009

For the newbies of K.I.S.S. Crop-n-Shop:

Kristie posted this on our message board and I thought it was such an awesome question I just had to post it here.

What do you want to tell all the new people coming to this crop? What can they expect?

Here are a couple of the answers so far:

From Irene:
OH MY!! So much to tell!!! Be ready to LAUGH till you cry (or in some cases pee your pants!! lol )

Do NOT expect quiet and sedate - we are there to have fun and we want everyone to know it!!

Lots of us take more than we'll ever be able to work on because we are talking so much we don't get as much done as we think we will!

Wear or bring layers - someone is always too warm or too cold .

Expect to be amazed

From Holly:

Wear your running shoes The blue light specials are wonderful! So, make sure you bring some extra money.

You will meet lots of new friends!

Don't be afraid to ask for something you forgot. Somebody has it.

Bring a cup with a lid. All that talking makes you thirsty. (we will be selling KISS logo 32 cups with lids this year! YEAH!! Finally! )

Take time to walk around the room. There are many different ways of scrapbooking and everybody does it differently. It is always amazing to see the different projects that people are working on.

So what can you add to this?


momofmn said...

Be ready to have lots n lots of fun!!!

And oh, dont forget the snacks so you can scrap even longer!!!

:-) Cant wait!!!

Diana Martin said...

Bring an extra bag to take your new stuff home in. You definitley won't have enough room to put it in what you have!

Debie said...

You are making me even more excited. I am so ready to come. From what I have read I know I am not going to be dissappointed. I hope this becomes a yearly event for our group.

Carri said...

Don't know about the chairs but I plan on bringing a cushion also.

Carrie said...

Be comfy! Whoever said layers was exactly right. Don't be afraid to bring your slippers! Carri is right about the cusion too. No matter how good the chairs might be, after all those hours of cropping, any chair can get uncomfortable.

Jen C. said...

A note to new people:

This marks my 1 year anniversary of coming to Kiss Events. What I have learned is come preapred and somewhat orgniazed. I know its a lot of stuff but you have to know what you have right?

Also don't be taken aback when you hear bouts of laughter or giggles comeing from various parts of the room. At first you might think all these people are crazy... well we are. Its ok and join the club.