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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

9 days...

and tonight we are highlighting another new vendor to K.I.S.S. Crop-n-Shop Events! I hope that you ladies are seriously ready for some shopping and cropping, we've got quite a line up for you!

1. Tell us a little about yourself
My name is Lori McCroskey and I am the mother of two wonderful little girls. I live in the middle of a 20 acre hayfield (AAA-CHOO) in Pleasant Hope, Missouri…..25 miles from the nearest craft store.....YIKES! So I brought the craft store to me! I started the business out of my basement in the fall of 2004, with my girls playing beside me. What could be better

2. Tell us a little about your business.
I started stamping in the summer of 2000 while I was pregnant with my first little girl. I had a friend from church that kept asking me to go to stamping parties, and I just thought “stamping party, how silly is that?” Finally, I relented. I went to a stamping party, got hooked on scrapbooking AND found out there were inks that I could stamp on clothing! I have a fashion design minor so I was hooked from that moment on! Can you imagine? Matching clothes and scrapbook pages? I was in heaven. After having my first child, my ideas of spare time quickly vanished. There weren’t many stamped dresses, but I found time to do some scrapbook pages, cards and gifts! As my passion for stamping grew faster than the money in my billfold, I decided to start selling one of the lines of stamps, for an existing stamp company, shortly after my second little girl was born. I would throw food on her high chair and run to my stamping table in the same room to see how much I could get done while she ate! LOL, We’ve all been there! As time went on, it became harder and harder to leave my little girlies crying in the hallway as mommy went off to do a stamp party. It just broke my heart. Thus, the dream of Clear Dollar Stamps began.

Why did I start my own stamp company? Most stamp companies, at that time, would not let you sell their products on the Internet, which is what I wanted to do…..I wanted to be at home. I also found it very hard to find unique Christian stamps. I really wanted something that would convey my love for God in a whimsical, out of the ordinary sort of way. As a stay at home mom, I wanted to create a line of stamps that other stay at home moms could afford to create beautiful cards, crafts, and scrapbook pages. Why did I name my company Clear Dollar Stamps? I wanted people to know they were affordable! Why do I have a cross in the middle of my company name? I want people to know that Christ is the center of my business and the center of my life!

My sister, Stephanie, and I always do the scrapbook shows together. She is the artistic one in our family….I just pretend! Stephanie teaches most of the classes in the booth, while I answer all the questions people have and help you gather your goodies!
We teach stamping techniques, coloring techniques, and much more. All of what you learn in our booth can be used for Scrapbooking, Card making, and Gift making….which is what is top of mind this season! We will have many gift ideas for Christmas in the booth….you won’t want to miss out on seeing every one of them!
Our booth usually has a constant line, but don’t give up! Keep checking back to make as many of the projects as you can!
If anyone can get you hooked on stamping, we can!
3. If I weren’t a stamper and scrapbooker, I would design clothes and accessories for Barbie! When my sister and I were little, all we did was create things for Barbies and play with our Barbies. I just love creating fun things for my little girls to play with! Last Christmas, I made them a Barbie school (tutorial for this is on my blog), this year I am going to make them a dress salon and Barbie sofa, chairs, and bunk beds!

4. I am addicted to creating! My mind never stops. I am one of those people that sleep with a notepad, travel with a notepad, and create notepads to write idea in! My husband is an accountant, and doesn’t understand how someone can constantly come up with new ideas! We make a good team!

5. My most embarrassing moment was: WHO ANSWERS THIS QUESTION? I don’t want to relive that moment! I will say it does involve pregnancy and an emergency bathroom stop.

6. My favorite scrapbook moment was when my girls started begging to look at their albums every day. That is what it is all about!

7. I am most proud of my two wonderful little girls that God gave me and blesses me with each and every day!

Lori sounds like tons of fun doesn't she!! I can't wait to see all her stamps and learn some new techniques at the Clear Dollar Stamps booth.

Lori McCroskey
Email: Lori@cleardollarstamps.com1.


Diana Martin said...

I just got off your website. I am so excited to see what you bring. I love stamps!

Carri said...

WOW!! Her story is amazing. Can't wait to see what she brings.

Debie said...

Sounds very interesting, I am always looking for christian stamps that dont look boring...

dianna coates said...


Carrie said...

How inspiring! I think it is so perfect that Lori had two girls! What little girl wouldn't love a mommy who can design Barbie clothes and accessories? Lori must be modest though if she says her sister is the creative one - Lori must be very creative to have accomplished so much! I love stamps and I can't wait to meet you Lori!