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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

8 days and we are welcoming back....

Sheri with The Scrap Nook! Sheri joined us for the first time last year and was a delight. We are very glad to have her back and for the first time at a K.I.S.S. Event Sheri will be sharing her talents in the classroom. She's teaching two classes, both packed with product!! On Friday she's teaching Circle of Friends Mini Album and on Saturday she'll be teaching It's Elementary. If you can't make it to either of the classes, no worries you can purchase the class kits and we'll hold them for you for pick up at the Memory Round Up or for a small shipping fee we'll ship them to ya!! This goes for most all of our classes. Just email us for details at

Let's see what Sheri has to share with us:

1. Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Sheri Beersman, I own the Scrap Nook in both Bolivar and Springfield, MO. I live about half way between the north side of Springfield and the south side of Bolivar in a town called Morrisville (no laughing, please). I have been married for 17 years to my husband, Wes and we have three children…Chris is 22 and has almost been married for a year to his wife, Reagan. They are both in college—Chris just got out of the Marine Corps where he served 4 years and did two tours of Iraq. Lauren is 21 and got married in June this year. She and her husband, Shawn are both in college, and Danielle is 15, a sophomore in high school. Until May, my grandfather lived with us too. He had lived here eight years, but he passed away at the age of 96.

2. Tell us a little about your business. The Scrap Nook is getting ready to celebrate our THIRD birthday. We opened December 1, 2006 in Bolivar. We thought Scrap NOOK was a play on the word ScrapBOOK, so that’s how the name was chosen. We try to carry the very latest and greatest in scrapbooking and paper crafting. We have two stores—one on NORTH Glenstone in Springfield at the intersection of Valley Watermill Road and Glenstone and one in Bolivar on Broadway at the intersection of D Highway. If you come to our store, the COOLEST thing you will find is SUPERB customer service! We appreciate our customers, and take care of them in the way WE would want if we were the shoppers!

3. What three things can you NOT scrap without? I couldn’t scrap without my non-stick Craft Mat because it protects my table surface and NOTHING (I am serious) NOTHING will stick to it! Not glue, not inks, not Sharpie, not ANYTHING…and you can heat emboss on it too! J I couldn’t scrap without my Tim Holtz inking tool…it is the BEST thing I have ever used for applying ink to my papers. I won’t use a make up sponge again unless I am FORCED. I also couldn’t scrap without my Tim Holtz scissors by Tonic. They are the BEST scissors in the WORLD. They will cut through chipboard, metal, wire, anything….and then you can turn right around and cut through fabric or ribbon with ease! Love these scissors!

4. Where do you draw inspiration from? I steal ( I think she means scraplift, LOL!) a lot from, but lately I am doing a lot of my own stuff…and I think it is the picture or the topic that inspires me…music also inspires me. I love to use lines from songs as my titles and journaling.

5. If you weren’t a scrapbook business owner what would you be? Well, I was a teacher (elementary) and school librarian before, so I would probably do that again because I loved the kids so much…miss that sometimes!

6. What three things do you usually have/do when scrapping that aren’t scrap related? You mean dishes, cooking, and laundry? Nope. Gave that up a long time ago…I’d rather be scrapbooking

7. Complete the sentence… I am addicted to: Maya Road, Basic Grey, and Bo Bunny. Seriously. I could be happy with these three paper lines and NO others…I am kinda weird like that!

8. My most embarrassing moment was: Do I seriously have to tell this? Really? If I try to lie, there are too many people who know…so here goes. Last year at my own retreat, I broke my foot—actually someone else did, but I thought maybe it wasn’t broken—just bruised badly. So I didn’t go to the hospital. However, when it came time to take ibuprofen again, I had put my other medications into a small box with just enough for the weekend. Instead of taking one of every pill, I accidentally took TWO ambient and none of one of the medicines. Needless to say, I don’t remember the night AT ALL…and apparently, I told my friends that another of the people attending the came (**cough**Darby**cough**) had given me VICODIN. So my friends are knocking on everyone’s doors at 2 a.m. looking for a nurse and trying to find out what drugs “someone” gave to me. I slept peacefully until noon the next day—oblivious to it all—however, I cannot live it down today. We discovered the problem the next day when I didn’t have any of the Ambien left…I still say someone slipped it to me. (**cough**Darby**cough**)

9. My favorite scrapbook moment was: I cannot say that I have one favorite moment. Owning the stores has given me so many wonderful moments that I just couldn’t nail only one down. I have made some AMAZING friends and just had the BEST of times while working into the night on those layouts! Anytime I am scrapbooking is a good time!

10. I am most proud of: my friends and family. They keep me grounded, together, and ready for the next thing…I am blessed beyond measure and I am well aware of what God has given me. To Him alone be the glory.

Be sure to say hi to Sheri and feel free to ask any questions you might have for her.


Carrie said...

Yes, we all love Sheri and we are so excited she is going to be at the crop! I can't believe she made it through this whole profile without saying anything about her addiction to Rascal Flatts. She is a groupie and probably will proudly admit it. :) I love to tease her about this, because I am really jealous. Not over Rascal Flatts, but if I had the time and the money, I'd do the same for Tim! Can't wait to see you Sheri!

Shannon@K.I.S.S. Crop-n-Shop said...

That's so funny you mentioned that Carrie. When I first read her profile that was exactly what I thought and I was even going to add it but forgot to!!! LOL!!

Debie said...

I cant wait to shop and see all the new stuff we dont have access to here in Mid MO, 3 hours away from everything...

Diana Martin said...

My rotary trimmer is so glad that you are comming (so am I)! I spent the most money at this booth last year and I'm sure this year will not be any different!

scrapgirl said...

I am so happy you will all be there...I always have so much fun hanging out with you and learning from you! I have some cool things this year--GREAT new papers and other stuff too!

Let's get ready to CROP this weekend!

kristie said...

I can't wait to see Sheri and give her a great big hug. She has awesome stuff at her booth. She will welcome you with open arms. Love ya Sheri. See you in a couple of days.