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Monday, May 19, 2008


Am I the only one who's head is spinning with all the end of the year school activities? I just got home last night from a fun trip from CK Manchester. I took the kiddos to school today and stayed for Tyler's 8th grade awards which lasted for a little over an hour. Then it was to my mom's for a quick bite of breakfast and back to school for Ryli's 1st grade awards. Home for a little while, trying to get some orders placed, check some reviews and guess what..... it's now time to go get the kids from school! Where do the hours go? Oh, and tonight, we have 8th grade graduation and tomorrow Emma's kindergarten graduation then schools out. But really, more than the fast paced two on earth did my "baby" become a FRESHMAN? How does that happen? I'm so nervous about the next few years, only four more and he's going to be looking at heading to college. I sure hope I'm able to do right by that guy and guide him in the right directions!

Have a great night!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely know the feeling!!! My oldest "baby" will be a senior and my youngest will be an 8th grader! I heard Tiffany tell someone a couple months ago that she'll be 18 in September - and it hit me like a ton of bricks - I was freaking out!!! Even though I pray we are doing right by them, it's still so very scary!!!


Anonymous said...

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