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Friday, May 30, 2008

More reflections, thoughts, whatever you want to call them....

If you read this blog at all, you know that in the past few months I've shared the loss of lives that are so hard to understand. Two young mothers, taken from this earth too early in our thinking. 6 children left behind, loved by family members, friends and community members yet mourning the loss of their mommy!

In the words of a friend and I hope she doesn't mind, "... such a young life. How tragic. All the more reason to scrap those memories, we never know when our time is up and our scrapbooks become our legacy." I couldn't have worded that any better!! Although our scrapbooks could never replace the life of a loved one, when it is our time to go what a beautiful gift for those left here to cherish! Memories captured, moments cherished, forever!!

  • If you don't scrapbook, start now! We can help you! Email me at, I will help you get started!
  • If you do scrapbook but haven't lately cause your pages don't look like the magazines....phoey! Get started, your family will not care if your pages are like the magazines, they will cherish your art, your memories, your love, the "YOU" that you created the pages with!
  • You scrapbook but haven't had time...FIRST, spend time hugging, loving, sharing with your family THEN carve out an hour or two a week for YOU time. What other hobby allows you to get YOU time AND preserve memories that will be cherished forever? C'mon, name one.... okay...get scrapping!!
  • You scrapbook but your pages are about birthdays, trips, etc. What does that have to do with my legacy? EVERYTHING!! It's you, it's your family, it's your moments in life that made you smile, cry, laugh, scream and more!!
What do you all say, are up to the challenge? Who's going to take at least an hour this week and create a legacy?

Have a great weekend!

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