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Sunday, November 1, 2009

12 days and counting....

We missed our 13th day of counting down due to all the festivities of Halloween. We hope you had an awesome time filled with memories and lots of candy!

Tonight we want to play a little game. We are going to randomly pick a winner from all those that play along tomorrow night. All entries must be posted prior to 5:00pm Monday, November 2nd.

Because we will be cropping on Friday the 13th and we have less than 13 days until the Memory Round Up Crop we are going to play 13 Favorites.

13 Favorites: It's easy to play along, you post 13 things that you like about K.I.S.S. Events or that you are looking forward to. The catch is you can NOT post something that another person has posted!!!

Have fun!


Unknown said...

1. visiting with friends
2. getting tons of pages done
3. door prizes
4. secret sister
5. shopping @ the stores
6. seeing how much stuff Miranda and her sisters can possibly bring
7. paper train
8. counting how many phone calls I get from my son while away for two days
9. seeing if I can be there the WHOLE time without leaving
10. the food.... its GREAT
11. the classes
12. meeting new people
13. the best -- seeing SHANNON!!

Unknown said...

Sorry..... forgot to put my name.... Ann Petersen

Momofmn said...

Now, really, I am just not that good to come up with 13 different things than :-)

Anonymous said...

Geez - Ann, that's gonna really be tough to come up with 13 DIFFERENT things -
1. ME time - yeah!
2. Time away from kids/family
3. Blue Lights
4. Betting on when Rene will join us in the morning!
5. Guessing if Sheila will get any more than 1 page done.
6. Putting faces with names from the Internet
7. Laughing till you cry!
8. Inspiration from tons of talented ladies!
9. Emma giving away prizes!!
10. Games
11. Wondering what could be SO funny at Janet's table
13. Worthy charities!

WOW! That wasn't as hard as I thought it would be!

Irene Robinson

Carri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Diana Martin said...

Oh the choices!

1. My best friend visiting from St. Louis.
2. Pedicures!
3. Talent Show
4. Time in a hotel.
5. Seeing people you only see during scrap weekends.
6. Drop and swap table. Shannon always puts the good stuff out!
7. Finding out how many cards/pages were done for the service project.
8. The gifts Shannon leaves on the table.
9. Knowing the babysitter can handle everything while I am having a great time!
10. Not having to answer calls from anyone except your kids and/or husband.
11. Seeing how much I can actually get into my van.
12. Trying new things, especially altering.
13. Finishing birthday and Christmas gifts!

Carri said...

1. Relaxing 2. Getting away from it all. 3. Not having to cook. 4. Having time for myself. 5. Hoping to get something done. 6. Beginning a new project. 7. Getting a project done. 8. learning new techniques. 9. Experiencing my first KISS Crop. 10. Spending time with my bestest friends. 11. Seeing something of Joplin other than I-44. 11. Seeing if Trina gets more than 2 projects completed. 12. Learning to make do with what I have. 13. Seeing what Trina and Gretchen found so fun about last year.

Carri Barton

Anonymous said...

ncokely here!
1. Time away from my guys
2. Time to get ahead on Christmas gifts
3. Time to shop
4. Time to act goofy
5. Time to eat anything to stay awake
6. Time to get the least sleep I've had in months
7. Time to meet new friends
8. Time for blue lights!
9. Time to win-win-win
10. Time for my 1st personal day from work
11. Time to try new things
12. Time to do some drop-n-swap!
13. Time to wonder how Shannon does it all!!

Jen C. said...

1. getting new ideas
2. un-real deals
3. Getting out all of my scrapbooking stuff!
4. hours of scrap only time
5. Community Service projects
6. Saturday Night perfomances
7. the shirts that people make for the event
8.trying new products
9. seeing my friend from Joplin (I'm From STL)
10. getting more STICKLES!
11. Fun Scrapbooking event Games we all play
13. HAVING FUN with Like minded fun loving people!

Gretchen said...

1. The kiss crop and shop store
2. All the great vendors
3. All the great classes
4. Seeing all the croppers making great pages
5. Bringing new friends to the crop
6. Laughter among friends
7. Make and takes
8. The talent show
9. Seeing all the scrap supplies heaped around the tables
10. Staying up till all hours
11. time away
12. The door prizes
13. Our welcome gifts!

Debie said...

I hope these are original enough..1. Praying I dont get the flu that my husband has 2. no responsibility for the weekend 3. relaxing 4. being able to play, ( I have a hard time doing that) 5. learning new techniques 6. taking classes 7. hanging out with my friends, new and old 8. completing lots of pages 9. making lots of christmas cards 10. not having to figure out whats for dinner 11. seeing what a blue light special is 12. not thinking about school for 4 days 13. having more fun than I have had all year!!

akjenks said...

1. Getting away from the hubby & kids for a day
2. Seeing if I can get there BEFORE 2:00
3. Getting to scrap without the cats trying to help by lying in the middle of my desk!
4. No TV blaring in the background!!!
5. Shopping at other stores without having to travel!
6. Learning new techniques
7. Seeing just how much stuff I can cram into my new tote!
8. Meeting new people
9. Admiring everyone else's creativity
10. Door prizes!
11. Contests!
12. Blue Lights!
13. ME time! Yippee!

dianna coates said...

seeing friends
learning new stuff from everyone
getting scrapbook pages done
paper trains
seeing what shannon has in store
getting away by my self
to see what new can buy
tring to make room to bring every thing back home

RowdyRene said...

I know the contest is over, but I had to throw out my 2 cents, since Irene started it...
1. Seeing how late I can be before Irene calls to see where I am.
2. Seeing how late I can be before Nancy calls to see if I am ready to go eat.
3. Seeing how late I can be before Sheila calls to find out where to turn.
4. Seeing how late I can be before Kim tells Kaylyn to call and check on me.
5. Seeing how late I can be before Kaylyn calls and checks to see if I've had car trouble.
6. Seeing how late I can be before Ann calls to tell me MIKE is about to play 'I Love Rock N Roll'.
7. Seeing how late I can be before Cindy calls to laugh because I am late again.
8. Taking the lunch order when Irene calls back to ask if I will pick up lunch.
9. Seeing Sheila come out to help me unload the car because she is always afraid I will strain my back.
10. Pretending that I don't know Sheila is out there because she just got there too.
11. Coming up with a whitty reply when everyone comments that I finally made it as I walk in the door.
12. Seeing how much my friends love me even though I am always late.
13. And for the record, I was born almost a month early and I've never been early since! Teehee.

Shannon@K.I.S.S. Crop-n-Shop said...

Rene!!! You CRACK me up and the sad part is that's all true. Well, I have a hard time believing you were really born early but other than that, all true!! LOL!!! Oh and you missed one, seeing how long it takes Shannon to ask the gang where Rene is!!!!